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  • Welcome to ZoneLevel's page. Thank you for checking out our addon and let us give you some inside on what it does.

    ZoneLevel simply makes an icon on your screen, this icon is drag-able and can be placed anywhere you want it. The icon on mouse-over will show you level of the zone, how much exp you have, and how much more you need to level. The icon will also change color's depending on your level to the zone.

    ZoneLevel will also display your zone and level on the world map, and display the level of the zone you are currently viewing. We are working on a way for you to shut this off if you like. Also ZoneLevel will do a bunch of other small things, such as show fps, honor, your current level, todays honor/kills, and display cords.

    Slash Command's
    Command options: /zonelevel or /zlvl. Using either will automatically open up the new options panel located inside the default blizzard option panels.

    Special Thanks