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    • Author: Alex
    • Version: 2.21
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    • Updated: Jul 31, 2015
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  • QuickMountEquip - Automatically switch gear when you Mount / Dismount. Now support druid flightform!

    No longer requires Cosmos!


    * Whenever you Mount or Dismount it will automatically switch to the gear you specify.

    * Full GUI to configure which gear to switch to. (/mountequip config)

    * If you get automatically dismounted due to water, or running into buildings, etc... it will switch gear correctly.

    * If you get dismounted while aggroed by a foe, WoW won't let you switch equipment. But as soon as combat or aggro is clear, it will automatically switch gear correctly

    To Install, simply unzip into WoW's ADDON directory...

    /mountequip - This is the main interface to the configuration options.

    There are several options available: on, off, quiet, verbose, flightpoint, config, status, load, save, delete, profiles, detect

    /mountequip config - This will open up the GUI interface to select which items you want equipped when you mount/dismount.

    /mountequip on - Turns on the auto-equip functionality (default)

    /mountequip off - Turns off the auto-equip functionality

    /mountequip verbose - Informs you when it auto-equips items. (default)

    /mountequip quiet - Doesn't inform you when it auto-equips items.

    /mountequip status - Shows you the status of the settings, and a usage statement.

    /mountequip save "ProfileName" - Saves the profile named "ProfileName"

    /mountequip load "ProfileName" - Loads the profile named "ProfileName"

    /mountequip profiles - lists all saved profiles

    /mountequip delete "ProfileName" - Deletes the profile named "ProfileName"