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  • Alright time for a proper description, I?m going to do my best to answer all questions, but of course, this isn?t possible so this may be updated periodically.

    I?ll be dividing this into sections that hopefully will allow me to logically lay out the information.

    What Is This?

    KC_EnhancedTrades enhances the TradeSkill frame to display additional info and enhance functionality.

    This is with the purpose of making the crafting experience more enjoyable and rewarding for players using this Addon.

    Things that are currently displayed/implemented:

    1) How many you can make.

    This is displayed next to the name the tradeskill in question in the format of [0/0/0/0/0]. These five columns each represent how many of an item you can make based on different criteria. You can also toggle the display of all of these columns.

    These criteria are as follows: i / i+b / i+v / i+v+b / i+v+b+alts

    i = inventory, b = bank, v = vendor, alts = the bank and inventory data from your alts.

    i = the # of items that can be made from your inventory
    i+b = the # of items that can be made from your inventory and a trip to the bank
    i+v = the # of items that can be made from your inventory and a trip to an appropriate vendor
    i+v+b = the # of items that can be made from your inventory a trip to the bank and a trip to an appropriate vendor.
    i+v+b+alts = the # of items that can be made from the sources listed in i+v+b and a raid on your alts inventory and banks as well.

    Now I probably have you confused, and I?m sorry, but to help you remember there is a little guide that helps you remember what each column you have showing does.

    Exception: If you can make an unending amount by going to a vendor then it will display amounts like this [5/*] meaning you can make 5 but you?re able to go on forever at a vendor. This is most likely to happen to rouges and their poison skill.

    2) BankCount and Buyable

    Next to a reagents name it should have either a number in brackets (i.e. [15] ) or the word buyables in brackets (i.e. [Buyables] ).

    The number represents how many of a given item you have in the bank of the character you are currently playing. Where [Buyables] is telling you that if you find a supply vendor you?ll be able to buy that item. This is most likely to show up on things like thread or vials or poison components.

    3) Filters

    KC_EnhancedTrades has a filtering system built in so you can decide to filter out certain recopies based on a few things.

    These filters include:

    Showing items based on whether or not they can be made by certain columns
    Showing items based on difficulty.

    4) Graphical Config Screen

    There is a graphical configuration screen available by pressing the little + sign below the x that closes the craft screen. All column display and filter options can be set on this panel.

    Config options can also be set via a command line interface by typing /kcet or /kc_enhancedtrades.

    So that?s it your done right?

    WRONG! I have a lot more planned; you can check a list of upcoming features here: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1011

    Frequently asked questions:

    1) What?s 'smart' under the display options.
    This currently is defaulted to true.

    The purpose of smart is to eliminate redundant text displays. Currently it does two things.

    a) If you?re only able to make a set amount regardless of where you go (i.e. bank or vendor) then you?ll only see one number instead of four or five.

    b) If your alts don?t make a difference it won?t display the alt column.

    i.e. if smart is off then an item may show as this [0/0/0/0] or [3/3/3/3] but under smart it'll only show the number once [0] or [3].

    or if it would show this [0/1/2/2/2] it will only show [0/1/2/2].

    2) Why does my item say [0/~$~] by it?

    Well, simply put because blizzard won't share. Actually the implemented some sort of data mining prevention in this last patch and if you haven?t seen an item KCET can't pull data on it. All you need to do when you see one of these is click on it so you've seen the reagent that KCET is missing data on and it'll update to the proper numbers. This will still likely be [0].

    I think that?s most of the common questions so far.


    I?m working on getting a team of translators together for my addons, so far I have 2 French speakers and 1 Spanish speakers, which is pretty cool, I?m looking for people who if nothing else don?t mind acting as proofreaders as well.

    Check here if you?re interested in aiding me on this: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1010

    An authors humble request:


    Hehe, sorry for shouting, I strive for feedback for improvement and voting shows me a general feel for how I?m doing. I know that these things are to some extent a vanity feature but to be honest the only reason I spend 20 or more hours a week making addons is because I love it when someone tells me that they enjoy using something I made. I enjoy creating, but without the creation being used, the creation is empty and lifeless.

    Also new feature requests are a lifeline to an addon, without them, it will shrivel and become stagnant.

    Bug Reporting:

    Along the same lines of feedback bug reporting is essential because without it I won?t be able to get rid of them. Moreover, many bugs have been found so far that I would have never found/noticed without people giving me bug reports.

    However, saying that ?it?s broke? or ?not working right? is not very helpful. I need to know pretty much the whole error message, what you where doing when you caused it, and is it repeatable before I have much chance at all of tracing it down. The more info you can give me the better.

    I have a private forum at wowinterface that I use as my main site for collection of bugs and feedback, I will read my comments here as well so don?t worry about that, however, it may take me longer to respond as I will just about always give wowI the once over first. Again, I?m not going to ignore anything posted here, so please post away.

    Where are my addons hosted?
    I currently do my best to keep all my addons updated on http://kaelcycle.wowinterface.com http://ui.worldofwar.net http://www.curse-gaming.com and http://www.wowguru.com.

    This is very time consuming and as a result of this I?ve made http://kaelcycle.wowinterface.com my primary site for development purposes. My newest addons and the latest versions will always be found here. I have access to post without waiting through a moderator queue so I can get things out faster.

    I will also have a roadmap (i.e. what?s going to happen to my addons in the future) for all my addons, there along with threads for bug reports, feedback, and the like.

    In conclusion:

    Thanks guys for the awesome reception of KCET so far.

    Also thanks to Pinky for the original idea, to turan for ace as I?d never be half the coder I am without it, to the makers of BankItems since I borrowed how to save bank info from them and many more I?m forgetting horribly I?m sure.

    Also thanks to all the people who have tested this out and worked with me to make sure we have eliminated more bugs that I thought I had.

    Later, I look forward to future developments,