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  • cgCrafty v2.0

    Author: chuckg ([email protected])
    Realm: Blindchuck <Ropetown>, Burning Legion
    Date: 2006-10-14 00:53:12

    There are a lot of different mods out there that have similar functionality,
    but they all either add too many features or don't have the right one. If you're
    looking to add a simple search to your tradeskill/crafting windows, cgCrafty should
    fit that niche perfectly.

    cgCrafty offers search functionality to your crafting/tradeskill windows in a
    lightweight, unobtrusive way. The mod will add a small window attached to the
    bottom of the currently open crafting/tradeskill window. As of version 2.0, you
    may also link the required reagents/materials required in order to construct/craft
    the selected item to chat. cgCrafty will not hook into or capture any events until
    you've actually opened either of the crafting or tradeskill windows. It is written
    for speed, efficiency and most of all, usability.

    To turn off the mod, check out the slash commands: /cgc or /cgcrafty

    Leave a message for me in the comments or at WoWInterface bug
    report if you have any issues / ideas / updates / etc. to share with

    TO INSTALL: Put the cgCrafty folder into
        \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\

    This mod runs using the embedded Ace2 library.  What that means is that you do not
    have to install any third hand libraries in order to get cgCrafty to work; it just
    will.  If you have other Ace2 mods installed, they should play nice.