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    • Author: Alex
    • Version: 1.12.8
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    • Updated: Jul 31, 2015
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  • ZAspect, ZTrap, ZTrack, ZPet Spell button bars to save space. Hold ALT to Drag the first button. Key Bindings available for all buttons. Use /zhunter to access options.

    ZAutoShot Casting bar for auto shot. Use /zautoshot to lock/unlock the bar for movement.

    ZAutoStrip Button to strip your valuable gear. Right-click to auto strip when you next leave combat (feign). Hold ALT to Drag the strip button. Use /zstrip to access the options. Possible commands: display, toggle, or now

    ZArcaneDispel Shows which spell you remove from the enemy. Use /zhunter to access options.

    ZHunterTranq Cooldown bars for other Hunter's Tranq Shot. Shows misses and includes options to announce in chat. Hold ALT to Drag the frenzy bar around. Use /ztranq while a Hunter is selected to add it to the rotation. To reset and hide the bars, use: /ztranq clear

    ZMisdirect Broadcast your misdirection casts in multiple channels. Use /zhunter to customize

    ZAntiDaze Removes Cheetah and Pack when you or your party gets dazed. Use /zhunter to turn on/off

    ZPetAttack Key Binding to have pet attack or return if already attacking.

    ZPetObey Key Binding to have pet stay or follow.