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  • Quu Spell Alert scans the combat log for spell casting events, and warns you when a non party memeber begins to cast a spell that takes time (ie non instant). It also reports when a mob does an emote, gains a status effect, and when it looses status effects. This mod does nothing magic, it just reformats the very complicated combat log into an easier to react to bit of information. This is a compleate rewrite of Spell Alert by awen.

    When you first install it... move the anchor to where you want... then hide it... the text will still show up even though the anchor is gone.

    The format for the spells are as follows:
    Casting a spell : Spell Name (Caster Name)
    Gaining an effect : *Effect Name* (Recipent Name)
    Losing an effect : (-)Effect Name(-) (Recipent Name)
    Doing an emote : Full Emote String.

    (Original Spell Alert)

    type /qsa to see a list of the slash commands availible to it. There is a single key binding... for attempting to target the last "caster" warned about.

    Losing effects is disabled by default since it can spam.

    The mod starts off by showing you the anchor frame. Press test to see what the text (and count down) will look like, and to preview the color used. When you hide the anchor frame this test will still show. Type "/qsa show" to reshow the anchor frame.

    Combat mode is enabled by default. You will only see alerts while in combat.

    Target only mod is disabled by default. Wiht combat only mod you will only see alerts if the name of the alrt matches your target, or if no target is selected. enable this with "/qsa target".

    I also need help translating it. If you run the French, German, or Korean version of WoW and wish to help, please contact me.

    Add new and more alerts and "important" spells
    Add a recording of the events... so you can edit the various tables