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    • Author: Alex
    • Version: r13688
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    • Updated: Jul 31, 2015
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    This version is no longer maintained! I'm working as fast as I can to get the new version to a better state but it does have base line functionality.

    Check out the new true OneBag as it's being developed!

    OneBag is a replacement for the default game bags that combines all the bags into one frame. There are already addons out there that do this, so why OneBag? Mainly because I wanted a simpler, more system-friendly bag. OneBag doesn't entirely rewrite the bag-handling interface like others do. It simply rearranges the bags into one and allows the default UI to continue managing the bag slots. This means that addons such as KC_Items, ItemSync, LootLink, and SellValue should be inherently supported. As long as an addon is compatible with the default game bags, it should work with OneBag. This was my goal, anyway. For my uses OneBag has succeeded. Hopefully you will have similar results.

        Combines all your character bags into one.
        Customizable number of columns.
        Displays the total number of slots, by slots used and type. Types being that ammo, soul bags, and professions bags all get a seperate count.
        Inherent support for addons such as KC_Items, ItemSync, LootLink, and SellValue, with no need for special code.
        Color coded slots by item rarity or bag type.
        Will automatically open for you when you visit the auction house, bank, mailbox, merchant, or when entering a player trade.
        Customizable display of only certain bags, either but slot number, or by type.
        Gives you a bag bar for easy manipulation of your bags.
        You can mouseover the bags on the bar to highlight the slots from that bag. You can also lock this highlight by clicking.

        Customize the scale and alpha of the frame.
        Provides an easy to use graphical config menu.