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    • Updated: Jul 31, 2015
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  • KillMore is an OnDemand AddOn so you need to issue

        /script LoadAddOn("KillMore");

    each time you go out xp'ing or create a macro to load the addon.

    This is a rework of Mobs2Level ( )

    I have added code to allow the user to choose if the information is output in the chat window or on the main screen. This was requested in the comments section of Mobs2Level and Mobs2Level had not been updated since January 2005.


        "/killmore"               shows this help message
        "/killmore chat"          outputs the KillMore data in the chat window
        "/killmore error"         outputs the KillMore data to the main screen
        "/killmore both"          outputs the KillMore data to the chat window and main screen
        "/killmore off"           turns KillMore off
        "/killmore status"        shows KillMore status