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    • Version: 94.5
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    • Updated: Jul 31, 2015
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  • KC Items is an addon conglomerate that is both feature rich and modular. By modular I mean that you can remove any of the modules that you chose to do so. However some modules depend on the functionality of other modules, and if you remove a module any dependent modules will be disabled. Each module is broken up into its own directory for easy removal. The following is a list of all the modules with a full description of each. Based on which of these modules you decide to use the functionality of KC_Items can change drastically.

    Core ?
    This module contains the module code, startup code, and common code. It is required by all other modules and should never be removed.

    KC Auction ?
    Allows you to scan the auction house for average prices. When joined with the tooltip module, KC Auction will also display that info on just about every item tooltip in the game.

    KC Bank ?
    This module stores all the information from your bank in a compact format and provides an easy to use programming interface for other modules or addons to obtain this information. It also acts as a passive form of link collection for the item database as any item you have in your bank will be added to your database if needed. However, KC Bank provides no interface for the end users to access this data.

    KC Broker ?
    Requires: KC Auction Optionally Requires: KC SellValue
    This module offers enhanced auction house capability. This currently includes the following:

    1) Remembers last used auction duration
    2) Colors auctions based on if it has a good sales price compared to the average or if it?s a recipe that you already know.
    3) Automatically fills in suggested prices based on what you sold it for last time, average market value, how much it will sell to a vendor for (requires sellvalue), or simply base a buyout price on the default min bid price.
    4) One-Click auction listing via alt-leftclicking an item while at the auction house.
    5) One-Click auction searching via control-rightclicking an item while at the auction house.
    6) One-Click stack splitting. Will take the top item off your stack if you alt-rightclick.

    KC Chatlink ?
    This module allows you to type a link directly into the chat window. KC Chatlink offers two separate modes for this namely, Safe and Standard. With Standard mode you simply type in the name of the item surrounded by brackets and Chatlink will take its best guess (i.e. [Lightforge Leggings] or [bob]). With Safe mode you must precede the first bracket with a $ to activate Chatlink (i.e. $[Lightforge Leggings] or $[bob]). In either mode, if more than one match is found Chatlink will change it to the link based on the first find, and display the first 10 other options.

    KC Equipment ?
    This module is almost exactly like KC Bank except that it stores your other characters equipment instead of bank items.

    KC Inventory ?
    Another data storage module, KC Inventory is like KC Bank and KC Equipment, except stores inventory information.

    KC Iteminfo ?
    Requires: KC Tooltip
    This module is still young and currently just adds the max stack size to the item tooltip. More functionality will be added to this module in the future. Make your wishes known at my wowinterface portal!

    KC Linknet ?
    Linknet exists to do active link collection for the item database. It scans all standard chat channels, players that you target, and the auction house as you browse it. This is not required for KC Linkview, but is the only way you can get active link collection.

    KC Linkview ?
    Linkview is the part of KC_Items that allows you to browse and search through the item database. You can search by name, slot, level, or several other parameters.

    KC Optimizer ?
    This module currently handles little compared to its end plans. Eventually this module will offer commands to validate and cleanup the databases, clear unwanted or needed info, and more. For the moment it just handles upgrade processes and houses the master database of nearly 42,000 items (not loaded into memory) of which roughly 65% have sell values.

    KC Sellvalue ?
    Like its namesake this mod will collect and store both what vendors will sell and pay for items when you visit a vendor. When combined with KC Tooltip it will display this item on the tooltip as well.

    KC Tooltip ?
    This module is another behind the scenes module in the fact that by itself it doesn?t do much. When combined with another module that takes advantage of it though KC Tooltip will display various pieces of data when you mouse over an item. There is a page in the ace wiki detailing how to optionally support this in your addons located here: http://wiki.wowace.com/index.php/KC_Items_Tooltips

    Chat Commands. There are a lot of them in KC Items, soon these will be replaced by a nice pretty graphic configuration screen, but for right now, they?re all you got! Here?s a list divided by module.

    Core ?
    1) /kci standby ? Toggles the entire addon.
    2) /kci report ? Shows which modules are enabled.
    3) /kci core showstats ? Toggles the display of the stats frame.

    Auction ?
    1) /kci auction toggle ? Toggles module, also turns off dependent modules.
    2) /kci auction short ? When enabled will display less explanation text.
    3) /kci auction showbid ? Toggles the showing of the average bid.
    4) /kci auction showstats ? Toggles display of the auction stats line.
    5) /kci auction single ? Not implemented yet, on the to-do list :)

    Bank ?
    1) /kci bank toggle ? Toggles module, also turns off dependent modules.
    2) /kci bank save ? Forces a save of the bank data. Only when at bank.

    Broker ?
    1) /kci broker toggle ? Toggles module, also turns off dependent modules.
    2) /kci broker autofill ? Toggles use of autofill for new auctions.
    3) /kci broker skipmem ? If enabled will skip the memory price during mixed mode autofill.

    4) /kci broker setcut ? Sets cut percentage used to adjust smart autofill's value. Must be formatted as either '90%' or as .90.

    5) /kci broker autofillmode
    1) Mixed ? Will attempt to use all other modes in the following sequence: Memory, Smart, Vendor, None.

    2) Memory ? Will only fill in prices if you have sold the item before. Will still suggest buyout price for items though.

    3) Smart ? Will fill in prices based on market average if auction house data is available; otherwise it will suggest a simple buyout. (requires the Auction module)

    4) Vendors ? Will fill in prices based on what a vendor will pay for it; otherwise it will suggest a simple buyout. (requires the SellValue module)

    5) None ? Will only suggest a buyout value based on the default bid price blizzard puts up.
    6) /kci broker remduration ? If enabled Broker will remember the last used auction duration.

    7) /kci broker ahcolor ? If enabled Broker will highlight the following types of items: Known recipies, vendor bait, cheap buyout items and cheap bid items.

    8) /kci broker setahcolor ? This command is actually slightly complicated. It allows you to set the colors of the given types of items. These colors must be entered in as a three number set representing the values of red blue and green respectively. Example: ?/kci broker setahcolor known 255 255 0?. Possible values for any given color are 0-255. Please exercise caution when messing with these.
    1) known ? The color for known recipes.
    2) vendor ? The color for items that will sell for more to a vendor.
    3) buy ? The color for items that have a cheap buyout.
    4) min ? The color for items that have a cheap bid price.

    Chatlink ?
    1) /kci chatlink toggle ? Toggles module, also turns off dependent modules.
    2) /kci chatlink mode ? Toggles between standard and safe modes.

    Equipment ?
    1) /kci equipment toggle ? Toggles module, also turns off dependent modules.

    Inventory ?
    1) /kci inventory toggle ? Toggles module, also turns off dependent modules.
    2) /kci inventory save ? Forces a save of your inventory data.

    ItemInfo ?
    1) /kci iteminfo toggle ? Toggles module, also turns off dependent modules.

    LinkNet ?
    1) /kci linknet toggle ? Toggles module, also turns off dependent modules.

    LinkView ?
    1) /kci linkview toggle ? Toggles module, also turns off dependent modules.
    2) /kci linkview open ? Opens the linkview window.
    3) /kci linkview side ? Toggles which side of the linkview window the tooltip should display on.

    Optimizer ?
    1) /kci optimizer toggle ? Toggles module, also turns off dependent modules.
    2) /kci optimizer import master ? Imports the master database.

    SellValue ?
    1) /kci sellvalue toggle ? Toggles module, also turns off dependent modules.
    2) /kci sellvalue short ? When enabled Sellvalue will display less explanation text on the tooltip.

    3) /kci sellvalue single ? Not yet implemented :) On the to-do list!

    Tooltip ?
    1) /kci tooltip toggle ? Toggles module, also turns off dependent modules.
    2) /kci tooltip mode ? Toggles the use of a separated tooltip or not.
    3) /kci tooltip separator ? Toggles the use of an extra line in between data segments.

    4) /kci tooltip splitline ? Toggles the use of both sides of the tooltip.
    5) /kci tooltip moneyframe ? Toggles the use of moneyframes inside the tooltip, this is only recommended on the when using the separate tooltip.