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  • GuildRaidSnapShot Mod Copyright (c) 2005-2009 By You can get the latest version of the GuildRaidSnapShot mod from   Any questions about the mod, head to the forums or read   This mod is only officially supported for DKP systems hosted on and not supported for use with other DKP Systems (eqDKP, nDKP, etc)   You are free to make copies of this as you please, and make changes to it as necessary to support your own DKP system (eqDKP, nDKP).   If you do, we'd be happy to hear how you've tweaked this mod to support your particular system.   The only restriction about copying and tweaking is that credit be ALWAYS given to in a prominent location.   The code for the "GetGRSSDKP.exe" program is found in "" a perl program using Perl/Tk. You'll need to get a version of perl ( to run that script in raw form.   If you wish to compile it yourself, get nmake from the following address   Then compile it with the following line:   pp --gui -o GetGRSSDKP.exe   This is also the line found in compile.bat, which is more convenient than typing that command every time.