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    • Author: Alex
    • Version: 2.11.3
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    • File size: 23.33 kB
    • Downloads: 25026
    • Updated: Jul 31, 2015
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  • FastQuest Classic is an addon to enhance quest log displaying, quest tracking, and notification. This is an alternative to heavy duty add-ons like MonkeyQuest, Quest-I-On, etc. The difference is that the code is much smaller and faster, since it uses Blizzard's build-in components enhancing and improving them. But it does not have full set of features those addons offer, so try them and decide what is best for you!

    History of FastQuest Classic

    FastQuest Classic is originally called "FastQuest" and is written by Vashen. Vashen had left WoW after he released the great FastQuest 2.11. Since then, FastQuest has some minor udpated by some fans including the WoWBox* author - Alfred. While I am trying to contact Vashen and also Alfred to seek for some other minor update for FastQuest, I did not get any response from them at that time. Then I decided to pick it up and try to fixed some minor issues, I then register an continued addon on Curse. Since that, FastQuest is released with version number like 2.11.1, 2.11.2, 2.11.3, etc.

    When the TBC was going to be released in US and Europe, Vashen was back and he decided to continue the implementation. Vashen started the new FastQuest with version number 3.x and was supported with Titan and Fubar. I saw Vashen's messages and actions, I was thinking it's about the time to turn back this great addon to Vashen and also the credits.

    However, there are some players still love the classic and standalone FastQuest, including me. So I decide to rename the addon name to "FastQuest Classic" and started from version 2.11.207.


    Unpack the ZIP file to WoW\Interface\AddOns\

    For example, if your WoW is installed under
    "C:\Program Files\Blizzard\World of WarCraft"
    you should see below structure once you have correctly unzip the addon:
    C:\Program Files\Blizzard\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\FastQuest_Classic\Images\
    C:\Program Files\Blizzard\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\FastQuest_Classic\Bindings.xml
    C:\Program Files\Blizzard\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\FastQuest_Classic\FastQuest_Classic.lua
    C:\Program Files\Blizzard\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\FastQuest_Classic\FasuQuest_Classic.xml
    C:\Program Files\Blizzard\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\FastQuest_Classic\FastQuest_Classic.toc


    • Easy quest tracking: You can use Right-Click or Shift+Left Click on quest name in QuestLog window to Add/Remove quest to/from WatchFrame manually. Many players feel it's easier with single right click to add or remove quests. (/fq clear will remove all quest from the tracker)
    • Quest Info to chat frame: You can easily share your quest details to chat frame.
      • Use Ctrl+RightClick on the quest to send not only quest title but also quest objective to chat frame, it makes things easier when you are going to tell people what quest you are investigating without typing quest detail by your self.
    • Quest progress notification: Automatically notify your party/guild/raid/near-by people of your quest progress (example: Thistle Boar Slain 5/7), this option is off by default and can be toggled by /fq autonotify
    • Level up notification: Notify your party/guild/raid or near-by people for your level-up or new area/zone discovered is configurable. Sometimes you may want to enable this feature so that your partners may now your recent status when you all are looking for some place together or s/he is farming together with you for your leveling-up.
    • Quest turn-in: Automatically complete turn-in quests such as the once in AV that you have to turn in one by one. When you right click on the NPC to turn in quest, FQ will click "Continue" and "Complete Quest" buttons for you, but will stop to let you pick reward if choice is given. The down side is that you will not be able to read what NPC's replies to you when you turn in your quest, but that's only to those who actually read it :) This feature is off by default and can be toggled by /fq autocomplete
    • Configuration: Configurable options are now supported with slash command "/fq options", or simply click on the minimap icon or Quest Log's "FQ" button.
    • Notification Sound: The addon will play a sound to notify you one of your quest is completed (all target objectives have been achieved). The sound now is customizable. Simply find the sound in "Sounds\QuestComplete.mp3" and replace it.

    Disabled Features

    Below features have been temporary disabled due to WoW recently has modified the mechanism to display the quest details in QuestLog window and WatchFrame.

    • Quests in WatchFrame are displayed in color that is based on difficulty. There are now over 20 shades of colors from bright green to bright red that are used to denote quest and monster difficulty. Quest that would be come trivial next level is highlighted giving you chance to complete it while it still yields exp. (Currently disable)
    • Allows WatchFrame to be draged anywhere on the screen (use "/fq unlock" to enable draging and you can "/fq lock" to lock it in place). (Currently disable)

    Slash Commands

     /fq notifyparty    - Toggle automatic notification of party members.
    /fq notifyguild - Toggle automatic notification of guild members.
    /fq notifyraid - Toggle automatic notification of raid members.
    /fq notifynearby - Toggle automatic notification for non-party channel.
    /fq autoadd - Toggle automatic addition of changed quests to
    /fq autocomplete - Toggle automatic completion of quests when turning
    them in. (You will not see the quest completion
    information from NPC.)
    /fq autonotify - Toggle automatic notification of party members.
    /fq clear - Clear QuestTracker window from all quests.
    /fq color - Toggle colorful quest title in QuestTracker window.
    /fq detail - Toggle quest notification in brief or in detail.
    /fq format - Toggle quest notification output format.
    /fq memberinfo - Toggle quest's suggested to go with group info to be
    displayed or not.
    /fq notifydiscover - Toggle automatic notification of the new zone you
    /fq notifyexp - Toggle automatic notification of experience gained
    from a quest.
    /fq notifylevelup - Notify the level-up information
    /fq options - Toggle option frame.
    /fq reset - Resets QuestTracker window's position
    /fq status - Display all the FastQuest Classic configuration status.
    /fq tag - Toggle display of quest tags (elite, raid, etc)