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    • Author: Alex
    • Version: 1.05
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    • Updated: Jul 18, 2015
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  •   Installation: ----------------- Extract the .zip archive into your \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns directory.   Type /ctw to activate C'Thun Warner, when needed.     Notes: ----------------- Provides information for C'Thun raids.   There is an icon that changes in color: Red: DANGER! Risking a chain beam. Move. Green: Safe. Everyone is 10 yards away.   Players too close are shown in a list. There is an audible beep.   Phase 2 will list players in the stomach.   The lists are color-coded. Anyone in your party is listed in purple.   An alarm will sound and a timer will start when C'Thun is weakened.     Commands: ----------------- /ctw on/off -- Turn C'Thun Warner on or off.   /ctw alarm on/off -- Turn the alarm sound for the weakened phase on or off (default on).   /ctw sound on/off -- Turn the beeping sound on or off (default on).   /ctw timer on/off -- Turn the timer for the weakened phase on or off (default on).   /ctw soundphase2 on/off -- Turn the beeping sound on or off for phase 2 (default off).   /ctw list 0..40 -- Set how many players are shown in the range check (default 4). 0 disables all lists.   /ctw scale 1..20 -- Set the scale of the icon (default 2).   /ctw reset -- Reset the default position and scale of the icon.   /ctw lock -- Lock the icon so that it is not moveable with a mouse.   /ctw unlock -- Unlock the icon so it is moveable with a mouse.   /ctw fake -- Fake the full frame to help orient it.   /ctw check -- Check the raid for C'Thun Warner. Only works with versions 1.06 and up. ** When used by a raid leader or assistant in AQ, C’Thun Warner will turn on for all raid members.   /ctw ooc -- Reset sound if unwarranted beeping occurs. ** To minimize occurrences, turn off C'Thun Warner if not raiding C'Thun and stay in range of Eye of C'Thun when it dies.   /ctw help -- Show the command list in the game, without these descriptions.